Penelope and Cowboy's Litter

This gorgeous litter was born on February 10, 2019. We would like you to introduce you to our "Celebration of Love" litter as each have been named after Valentine themed names (Appearing below in this order: Valentina, Rose, Juliet and Amora). Enjoy watching them grow here.   They are enjoying most of the day listening to Classical music and intermittently listening to all kinds of sounds to become desensitized to such as thunderstorms, lawn mowers, knocking on the door, trucks backing up, the list goes on. They have something new to explore each day such as new toys, tunnels, slide, pan of water to pounce in. They are doing amazing! Also we have will introduced them to a crate and they are learning to go potty in their potty station very well for their developmental stage.  We are working on their startle reflex by dropping things in the room to see them startle then go right back to the playful fun they were having.


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5 weeks old

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